yamaha 2018

  1. xTiKzF1


    Hi everyone! This mod is Movistar Yamaha MotoGP 2018 team in F1 2017. In this MOD is: - LIVERY OF THE CAR 2018 - NUMBERS OF THE DRIVERS (25 & 46) - HELMETS OF THE DRIVERS 2018 - SUIT 2018 In the future, I will upload the gloves, caps and the pits of the team! Also, I have: DUCATI F1 TEAM...
  2. Filippomichielin

    MOD Yamaha 2018 Official 1.1

    This mod is inspired by that of Novale°, but mine is much higher with more details and a decidedly greater resolution. The mod includes: Bike Suit Helmet Box And Mechanics
  3. novaleº

    YAMAHA 2018 1.1

    Yamaha MotoGP Team 2018 for MotoGP17 This mod contains: -Bike Yamaha MotoGP season 2018 -Valentino Rossi suit season 2018 -Maverick Viñales suit season 2018 -Box Yamaha MotoGP season 2018 -Yamaha mechanics clothes season 2018 -Helmet VR46 winter test season 2018