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  1. M

    Pheasant Wood Circuit 0.2

    Pheasant Wood Circuit Pheasant Wood Circuit is located at 8 Prairie Oak Rd in Marulan, a small town in rural NSW Australia. In 2018 Pheasant Wood Circuit came under new ownership, was renamed (previously Marulan Driver Training Centre) and received a comprehensive change to layout with all...
  2. F

    DIY Wood Sim-Rig with all components and some guideline measurements

    I am into simracing for 1 and a half year now, which is rather short, but it feels like a hobby which I never found, but always needed. I started with a PS3 Controller, then went to the Steam Controller and afterwards I got my Logitech G29 at christmas last year, since then I've absolutely...
  3. II-WalkerGer-II

    Asian Delivery Porsche 911 R GT3 - Fantasy Livery 1.0

    Custom Porsche 911 GT3 R Livery with an Asian theme This skin is in 3k, made by [SeP]II-WalkerGer-II
  4. metehan262626

    Textures My summer Car wood steering wheel

    metehan262626 submitted a new resource: My summer Car wood steering wheel - My summer car textures Read more about this resource...
  5. metehan262626

    My summer Car wood steering wheel all versions

    Please like and rating good games
  6. talianagisan

    Satsuma Walnut wood-grain Gauge panel. (1000 Markka) 1.0

    You see all those cars in America with wood on their dashboards and want one? Well my friend for only 1000 Markka you to can have one for your 1970-1977 Satsuma 100 Amppeerinen! Come to Peräjärvi Alivieska and look for a road going past the train tracks and a field of wheat until you see a house...
  7. clos2727

    DIY complete guide to building a wood rig

    I built this about a month ago and thought I'd share me design. It's a complete walkthrough, and step by step tutorial to get you rig going with less tha $200. You can see pics of the rig here https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=2197928810438208&id=1449896668574763