1. Reprobate

    Sell ASCHER B24L-SC (Funky Switch Version) Simucube Wireless Button Box

    SOLD Puchased 9th Feb From Demon Tweeks ASCHER B24L-SC (Funky Switch Version) Simucube Wireless Button Box Comes with all the original stuff, stickers are all untouched £425 posted in the UK, FAST UK SHIPPING UK Only IMAGE GALLERY
  2. N

    Struggling to find and decide on a wireless GT style wheel for SC2

    Hi Folks, Originally I had planned to get a Simucube 2 Pro with an Ascher Racing F28 wheel. I've recently decided that since I'm starting out with only one wheel it makes more sense to go with something versatile like GT style (D shape) wheel. I also plan to use VR a lot, so I won't care if...
  3. nerdthewise

    Sell Ascher Racing B16M-SC w/ Sparco 330mm + Turn Limited Edition Front Plate - US Shipping

    Parting with some kit I am not currently using as much as I would like to. This is the current generation Ascher Racing wireless button plate (medium size) and will come with original sticker pack, the attached Sparco 330mm wheel, limited edition Turn Racing front plate, and Simucube QR...
  4. DND

    Do you use a wireless headset?

    From what I can tell the headset I have (Turtle Beach PX21) may not be of the quality I need to participate in Teamspeak so I am considering upgrading (at or below 100 usd). Wireless would be desired and microphone, would only be used for gaming on the PC. I have on board audio as specs below...