1. S

    Marlboro Rear Window Skin 1.0

    Matching rear window skin for Tommi Makinen 1999 Mitsubishi Lancer WRC rally car skin. Paste file into \SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\My Summer Car\Images and make sure it's named window_sticker
  2. Mitchelskater

    Racing Brands Window Sticker 1.5.4

  3. Ricardoc3po

    window_sticker 2018-04-08

    Change your sticker!
  4. D

    MSC Window Sticker 2018-03-06

  5. kekmeciak

    Polish window sticker 2018-01-23

  6. T

    JDM Window Decals 1.0

    Hey guys! I've decided to put my stickers in this game for fun! Enjoy! How to install: 1.Open your MSC Folder and open the images folder within 2. Replace the current "window_sticker.png" with my file (make sure my file is called "window_sticker.png" or it won't work) 3. Restart game and enjoy...

    Datsun windshield banner/decal! 1.1

    Link to GyroscopicDesign's original clear tinted windows tex: Clear tinted windows with about a 1/4 width yellow outlined with baby blue on black banner that reads Datsun. Also very easy to change in color if you just...