west mclaren mercedes

  1. nihilus99

    2021 West McLaren Mercedes 1.0

    "..We are a Luke Skywalker now" @zack Brown. Well, its side of new McLaren boss, but we all knew - WHO IS HAVE THE REAL POWER OF THE DARK SIDE. As i say, i hate papaya, and Vader is more popular (not only for me) so... Here it is! A 2021 version of my favorite McLaren livery. 2 cars with team...
  2. KrizalidBR

    West McLaren Mercedes (Mercedes chassis) McLaren MCL36 fantasy

    Hello everyone! This is my first ever edit for F1 2014. Tried to recreate McLaren's amazing liveries from 1997 to 2005 on Mercedes's chassis. This is just a edit. I haven't made everything from zero. I've edited it from this...