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  1. SmolRicerlikesVTEC

    Shingo Shoji Eg6 Skin for Satsoom 1.0

    I couldnt find any skins related to Shingo I found takumi's skin,so i decided to make one myself This is my first skin so don't be harsh. Enjoy!!!!
  2. godjay

    Honda MyTeam | Type R F1 Team | NFSU Inspired V1.1 | 1x w/ & 1x w/o car number space

    This is my first ever livery that I have created on any F1 game so far so please be gentle ^_^. This car is a massive hypothetical situation if Honda and some billionaire from the NFSU scene + all JDM performance brands were to do a collaboration in F1. I'm assuming you guys know how to import...