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vrc modding

  1. Peugeot905

    VRC Revenga Updated Previews 1.0

    Drop Folders in the vrc_pt_2019_revenga_r!3/Skins folder and select replace files in destination. It will update previews. Backup old previews. Updates will follow shortly. High Downforce Kit Preview Previous Low Downforce Kit Preview
  2. Peugeot905

    VRC Revenga Real Name 1.0

    Just add the new name for the VRC Revenga. For Install drop the ui in your VRC Revenga Folder.
  3. zelli

    ROKiT Venturi Season 7 FE Skins V1

    Hey Guys, Today im sharing with you mu first pack of FE skins for the upcoming start of S7!! Here is one of my favorites, ROKiT Venturi!! This pack contains both the #48 and #71!! I hope you enjoy!! If you would like 2 easy was to support me and tell me you want more FE Skins, Subscribe to my...
  4. chrisi2174

    ARC - Chevrette 28GTO Camaro Z28 (VRC-mod) Skinpack 3.0

    PayPal.Me Real car info or pictures here VRC Mod here in version 3.0 two new Skins Valvoline and Hooters overwrites the old files!!!
  5. Jim1986

    ADT Champion Racing Audi R8_#3_2005 0.99

    Le Mans 2005 winner for the great vrc_pt_auriel8 mod of VRC ModdingTeam. Really one of my all time favorites as a big Tom Kristensen fan. Still missing the scrutineering sticker on the hood, but not been able to find a good one. Will follow a.s.a.p. Hope you all like it! link to mod...
  6. J

    Indy 500 club track - VRC Cars - Problems abound!

    I was SO excited to get a little Indy 500 action going but then DISASTER HIT! I am using: Assettocorsaclub Indy 500 track VRC Modding Team - Indy cars Here are the problems 1. I can't get the car past 184 and it's WAY TOO EASY TO DRIVE! 2. When I tried a race, I lost 12 cars in the first 3...