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ARC - Chevrette 28GTO Camaro Z28 (VRC-mod) Skinpack

ARC - Chevrette 28GTO Camaro Z28 (VRC-mod) Skinpack 3.0

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Latest updates

  1. +Valvoline and Hooters Skin

    in version 3.0 two new Skins Valvoline and Hooters overwrites the old files!!!
  2. Light Cover fix

    In version 2.11 (for mod version 1.2) light-cover fix! Info for other Painters. Here the...
  3. New Car and updates!

    In v 2.1 new Ghost-Rider Carskin. Crew and Driver-suits and helmets now in a slightly smaller...

Latest reviews

Very nicely done thanks mate
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Epic, im the maker of nascar legends wreckfest, youve done it for AC, Really well done thanks.
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Absolutely stunning skins
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POUAHH stunning thxs
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awesome! nascar on a camaro from the 80s? i wish they had run these cars around daytona back in the day man, good stuff!
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Your skins compliment this car perfectly, you are like a match made in heaven, just as a side note wouldn't it be awesome to see VRC also turn their hands to the tube-frame Corvette that won the GTO class in the 1988 12 Hours of Sebring.
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great work !
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Top notch!... as usual, THX for sharing ;)
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loving the skins mate
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This is exactly what this mod needed. Excellent work, appreciate it!
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this pack has really turned into something awesome. all the skins look awesome. perfect job!
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Thanks so much for these skins - really enjoying this car and having such great skins adds a lot to the experience :-D
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Really great work, thanks!
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fantastic work,thank you
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Awesome! Love the Days of Thunder skins :-D
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Gran Muchas Gracias :)
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Beautiful skins. Thanks a lot.
Please, ovaltine skin.
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File size
277.3 MB
First release
Last update
5.00 star(s) 42 ratings

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