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urd detroit

  1. Xavierthehobbit

    URD DETROIT EGT Historical GT40 mk2 1966 skin #1 1.0

    1966 Ford GT40 mk2 skin Le Mans 1966 drived by Denny Hulme and Ken Miles adapted to the Ford GTE You can buy the car in here: https://www.unitedracingdesign.net/product-page/ac-detroit-egt-2018 Screenshots by Volks and Villa.
  2. krissboo

    Ford GT MKII Gulf Skin 1.0

    Google VP Benjamin Sloss Treynor bought this custom Gulf liveried Ford GT MKII and I think it looks amazing so I made a version for the URD Detroit LM 2018 (I'm having loads of fun making skins for this car as you can probably tell) There's a couple of small differences like black circles...
  3. krissboo

    URD Detroit 2018 EGT / Ford GT MKII skin 0.99

    Love the Ford GT MKII so I decided to make a couple of skins for the URD Detroit EGT 2018 mod. It's not entirely accurate as this skin is not really meant for the race car and unfortunately there are no race numbers because the MKII doesn't race in any classes, it is strictly a track toy for...
  4. Brototype

    URD Ford GTLM Team Chip Ganassi Racing 1.0

    Here are the Ford GTLM cars in the liveries they ran after the Rolex24 at Daytona. This package contains the #66 and the #67 cars in the classic blue-red-white color sheme (Dirk Mueller & Richard Westbrook) and the Gulf-Racing-like livery that was used on the #67 (Ryan Briscoe) after Mid Ohio...
  5. Dj Noize

    [URD Detroit] 2019 Ford GT #66 & #67 Rolex 24h at Daytona v1.02

    I made the Chip Ganassi Ford GT#67, which will drive with this livery at the 2019 Rolex 24h at Daytona next weekend. Maybe I will do the #66 too but I don't really know. Some Parts of the Car may are not 100% correct, but I think for my first Public Skin its okay this far. If there is anything...