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  1. FaLLeNGaM8LeR

    F1 2019 3 universal SETUPS for every purpose

    Tired of constantly tinkering with setups for every car and every route? I have 3 universal SETUPS that work great. Show you the whole thing in a video where the differences of the 3 settings are made visible. Have fun trying it
  2. JohnnyV

    Sell Fanatec Universal hub (old-style) USB converted

    For sale my Fanatec uni hub. I converted it to USB using an arduino and some software I wrote to let the 7 segment display the current gear through SimHub. I also mounted a 50mm version of the Q1R on it. I do NOT have the original fanatec QR, but I do have the ribboncable and connector...
  3. Schnauzer Soeze

    Universal seat base?

    I already have the Next Level Racing Wheel Stand but not keen on spending the amount they are asking for the Seat Add On. Instead I am thinking about getting an inexpensive bucket seat from Autostyle and mount it on some sort of base. However, I have not been able to find any such base just for...