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F1 2019 3 universal SETUPS for every purpose

F1 2019 The Game (Codemasters)

Tired of constantly tinkering with setups for every car and every route? I have 3 universal SETUPS that work great. Show you the whole thing in a video where the differences of the 3 settings are made visible. Have fun trying it
This is a great idea for creating baseline setups to avoid exactly what you say with endless tinkering. I think however it is hard to run a baseline setup if you are looking to maximise performance, and you can't ever really get away from the tweaking setups for every track.
Websites such as SimRacingSetup have good articles about how to correctly setup your car for each track in F1 2019 which really help people understand setups.
Just a question - How come your diff settings are so low for every setup? Is this personal preference as you can run much more aggressive locked diff at a lot of tracks?
Hello my friend. First of all a huge thank you for your great feedback. You are absolutely right that you can still optimize a lot for each individual route. I drive these settings because I wanted to save this work completely because I only play the F1 Game rarely and get along well with it. The diffs. I generally drive at low settings. In my opinion, this reduces tire wear somewhat and personally gives me more feeling for the car. Best wishes