1. Langheck_917

    1971 FNM Quetzalcóatl 'Squadra Biscione' (APVS Berta Tornado SP) 1.0

    This is the trio of "Squadra Biscione" liveries, as worn on the bizarre FNM Quetzalcóatl, a Brazilian sports prototype built on the Berta Tornado SP body and powered by a hybrid Alfa Romeo-FNM twin-cam six. Fading into obscurity by the mid-70s, the car was a legendary Latin American melting pot...
  2. Spudknuckles

    Berta Tornado 4k/2k skin pack 1.6

    Twenty six skins for the APVS Berta Tornado. Famous drivers and liveries for a not so famous car. 4k (recommended) and 2k (low resolution) versions are included. They're not historically accurate but I've fallen in love with this car and wanted to build up the field with some fun skins. Most...
  3. DavidDGA

    2002 FIA GT Championship skinpack 1.0

    Here is a skinpack of 2002 FIA GT Championship. This skinpack includes 8 Viper, 2 Lister Storm, 2 Ferrari 550, 10 Porsche 996 and 4 Ferrari 360. I tried to replicate most of them, taking advantage of the fact that we have good cars in game to work with thanks to the community. These skins are...
  4. DavidDGA

    1995 Lister Storm GTS - Lister Cars Limited #52 1.1

    Here is the 1995 Lister Storm GTS which ran at Le Mans 1995. This skin is for RSS Tornado V12 . This Datasonix sponsored Lister could not finish due to a gearbox failure. Hope you like it.
  5. RoyalFranzYT

    Love Laika (Minami Nitta/Anastasia) - RSS GT Tornado V12 V2 2.0

    Since it's Minami-san's birthday, i though i'd update the Love Laika liveries made for RSS' GT Tornado V12. Removed the REME sticker as i thought it's no longer necessary and yes, i did change the rim color to gold at the last moment but that's removable. Also, there's the silly "Visit Wales" ad...
  6. RoyalFranzYT

    Love Laika (Minami Nitta/Anastasia) - RSS GT Tornado V12 1.0

    This is a pair of Love Laika (Minami Nitta and Anastasia) skins i made for the RSS GT Tornado V12, based on an old pair of liveries i made for the in-game Lister Storm V12 in GTR 2. Sorry though if there isn't much put into this, the skin template was quite complicated compared to the one for...
  7. Lunatea Dreamer

    [4K] Lister Storm 'Jimmy Broadbent 200K Special' 1.0

    To celebrate Jimmy Broadbent's 200K subscriber milestone, I have created a livery for the RSS Tornado V12/Lister Storm. Also comes with custom driver suit and pit crew. This is also a taster for my upcoming skin pack that is currently in development and will be releasing later. I hope you enjoy!
  8. sardokard

    RSS-Tornado Cusom livery 1.0

    Loving this cars and the Laser skin, i create a custom one with michelin tires and french pilot. I use it but it can perhapos interressed other player ? Thanks to beetesjuice and chrisi2174 for the base skin ! Enjoy
  9. Viperion

    Team Kiwi Racing RSS Tornado 1.0

    The first, the one, the only Team Kiwi Racing livery for the ADRL RSS GT1 racing league. With special message under the rear wing ;)