1. V

    Silrye 1

    First ever track, messing about a lot with RTB because I refuse to learn blender even though track quality would sky rocket. Enjoy either way
  2. Parkles

    TM TX Doesn't function anymore

    I had just gone through a move from state to state, and before I moved my TM TX worked just fine. But then when I had arrived at the destination, and tried to set everything up, my TX doesn't work anymore. I noticed that the mode light is stuck on green (doesn't toggle to red) and that the xbox...
  3. abrimaal

    How to change a camera view from 1st person to 3rd in

    Hello, I did not need so many 1st person view, so I changed the Action cam to a Heli view. This is a modified Swingman from a higher altitude. Now I can see a large part of the track, but I don't see my car. My car is cropped to the front bumper or invisible at all. It happens so, because the...
  4. Angus Martin

    2018 Austrian Grand Prix Reliability explanation

    Formula 1 is a sport at the fore-front of automotive engineering. Today, it is a sport focusing on making machinery last the longest possible time while also getting the best efficiency out of the creations of the engineers. And recently, all teams in the biggest championship in motorsport has...