1. General_Failure

    ME Racing Trucks 1.1

    Hardcore version of the vanilla Montana Cup with accurate sounds and harder physics (basically less aero efficiency and more weight transfer). TECHNICAL SPECS Engine: 5.7L Chevy G12 v8 Power & Torque: 400 hp @ 6500 RPM // 480 Nm @ 5000 RPM Mass & Weight distribution: 1.360 Kg (53% Front / 47%...
  2. Pessio

    1970 Alfa Romeo GTAM 1.2

    I'm really happy to bring you my last creature. The Alfa Romeo Giulia GT 1750 GTAM. Built to replace GTA in 1970 ETCC, the GTAM was bigger, wilder, and a lot faster. Not by chance won that year's championship. From 220 to 240 hp of brutal "biscione" power, transferred to tarmac by huge Firestone...
  3. General_Failure

    Super TC2000 2.1

    Hybrid mod that offers a mix of the two more important racing categories in Argentina, the SuperTC and TC TECHNICAL SPECS Engine: 3.0L Inline-6 Multivalve Power & Torque: 421 HP @ 8900 rpm // 340 Nm @ 8300 rpm Mass & Weight distribution: 1.100 Kg (57% Front / 43% Rear) Car Layout: Front...
  4. StrathCarse

    Unresponsive engine

    Is anyone else having issue with engine cut-off, like if an over zealous traction control was acting ? I play with no help (pro), I put TC, AW and EB to zero and it's really like there is still a TC acting on corners exit but also in straights (which can make me loose several second per laps)...
  5. jstowee

    Assetto Corsa - Electronics Guide

    Hi guys, I'm starting to get in SimRacing and i want to imerse myself into more realism. So i wonder if there's way in the game to know if the car has ABS, TC, etc (Electronics) so i can setup the car with the real specs for more realism? Thank You
  6. kalex94

    El Villicum 0.5

    Hi, I brings to you an Argentinian track, named El Villicum, the work is in progress. Specs: Lenght : 4.277km Width : 16m - 18m Pits: 32 Location: Albardon, San Juan, Argentina. Donations:
  7. A

    SimHub ARG TV Overlay 0.1

    Overlays de la TV Argentina, por ahora solo funciona para AC con el mod del TC. Se iran mejorando los dashboard dado que por el momento presenta varios bugs.
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