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1970 Alfa Romeo GTAM

1970 Alfa Romeo GTAM 1.32

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I'm really happy to bring you my last creature.
The Alfa Romeo Giulia GT 1750 GTAM.
Built to replace GTA in 1970 ETCC, the GTAM was bigger, wilder, and a lot faster. Not by chance won that year's championship.
From 220 to 240 hp of brutal "biscione" power, transferred to tarmac by huge Firestone racing tires.

Built totally from scratch, (almost) full animated suspensions, real suspensions geometry, actually quite same as GTA, but with a different way to mimic the "slittone" system for rear live axle. Real audio from Gtam dynos, BOPed to match Kunos' Escort RS.
Other features including as usual animated wipers, rain on glass, full damage and dirt.

Skins came even in 2k resolution for lower-spec pcs, only rename/switch the folders. Don't overwrite skins folder with the content of 2k one, some files are different, just delete or rename skins folder if u wanna use the 2k one.

Special thanks as usual to @Andy-R, who made all the fantastic skins.

Thanks again to @luathas for quality control and some fixing.


Latest updates

  1. 1.32 DLC FIX

    Finally, get rid of DLC need to use the GTAM
  2. 1.31

    some bug fixin' Data folder packed. Gauges' glass less reflective.
  3. 1.3 Update

    As i progress to know physics misteries, is time to put some new tricks on oldies. Suspensions...

Latest reviews

thank you very much,italian cars one of my favorie.
gorgeous!!!! loving this vintage italian classics!
This car is stunning. Drives great sounds great. Thank you !
Easily the best sounding car for Assetto Corsa and maybe even for all sims. Drives incredibly well as well. Absolutely brilliant.
Very beautiful car, enjoyable driving, powerful and fast engine and this sound.
Magnificent !!!
Congratulations, thank you for your work and for sharing ;)
What a superb car, in my opinion, you are the best modder in the whole AC community!
Brilliant, so much fun to muscle around the track and beautifully packaged and presented. Obviously a labour of love by all involved and it shows.
perfect job!
Thanks dude!!!
Thank Car =)
Continua cosi'...bravissimo!
Excellent, thank you!
Great car, Amazing sound but there is a room to prove the external sound.
Excellent work. Extreme fun. Thanks!
Thank you for updating the sexiest Alfa Romeo in AC! My wallet is ready for your Mustard
Thank you! My favorite car in AC.
One of my favorite cars in AC, it sounds and it handles as pure fun. A full grid at Fonteny is one of my favorite past times.
exceptional work
File size
121.6 MB
First release
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User rating
4.93 star(s) 133 ratings

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