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tatra 603

  1. jegunica

    Buzz Lightyear skin for Tatra 603-2 B5 Marathon 1.0

    This is my first Race Department upload. I hope you enjoy the skin! NOTE: Add the skin manually, CM might not assign it to a proper vehicle. (I got to work on my zipping skills)
  2. Fuzo

    Tatra 603-2 B5 Marathon 1.2

    Trained Monkey Modding team presents Tatra 603-2 B5 Marathon So this is another Czechoslovak legend from our workshop - Tatra 603-2 in B5 Marathon edition. It is powered by V8 engine producing 170BHP cooled by air with help of those 2 big barrels on the rear of the car (ejector cooling). This...
  3. abrimaal

    Tatra 603 202004

    Converted and made drivable by Carsay The model comes from Lowrider game, although it was found in .obj format, extracted by someone else (unknown). version 202004 Work in Progress It is already looking like a car. No, rather like a spaceship or submarine :) There is still a lot of work with...