1. A

    Frank Meagher Escort Cosworth 2019-09-09

    Frank Meaghers 1995 Carling rally of the lakes winning car. Frank would go on to win the Irish tarmac championship outright in this car. This replaces livery_00 (ford motorsports) Simply un-rar directly to steamapps/common/dirt 2.0/cars and it will load in game..enjoy:)
  2. nokanmov

    Released BTBfin PIMEE Stage - Gravel, Snow, Tarmac versions

    PIMEE STAGE: GRAVEL DOWNLOAD 1.0.0 (244) PIMEE STAGE: SNOW DOWNLOAD 1.0.0 (124) PIMEE STAGE: TARMAC DOWNLOAD 1.0.7 (107) #BTBfinRALLYsim Official download links: (100) http://btbfin.blogspot.com/2018/05/pimee-gravel-snow-tarmac-stage-versions.html (440) Re-Posts / Re-Share: RBR+ post Pimee...
  3. T

    (Fictional Racetrack) Kallio 0.9

    This is my very first track creation for Assetto Corsa, created in Blender (so be gentle). Track itself is a short one - mere two kilometres - so slower cars should generate better racing! The layout is characterised by significant elevation changes, and the "longest" straight is only 300...
  4. TommyJ1994

    Ballydown Forest - Irish Tarmac Stage 1.0.0

    Description A Fast and Bumpy Irish Tarmac Rally Stage. Long gearing recommended. Due to how narrow the stage is, I would recommend recce'ing first, and then driving. Please leave a review if possible, feedback is much appreciated! Installation Download the .grmod file. Open gRally and go to...
  5. LeSunTzu

    Audi R8 LMS - Super Taikyu 2018 #53 - Phoenix Racing Asia 2018-04-29

    And it's a pink one... 4k and 2k versions included (and Pirelli tyres)
  6. Th3HolyMoose

    Procedurally Generated Rally & League - Stage Demo Pack #1 0.2

    Procedurally Generated Rally Stages - Demo Pack #1 (v.02) (I did a doh and submitted instead of preview, please hang on as I add updates!) All done now, enjoy! Over the past few months I've been working on a program that procedurally generates rally stages (or touge roads, hillclimbs, etc) in...
  7. J

    F1 2016 Tarmac-FFB 2016-10-09

    F1 2016 by nature has a very weak 'Roadfeel' for wheels so here is a little mod on for Wheels to add more Tarmac-FFB. Primarly tested on Logitech DFGT but may also work on other wheels. 4 different files with various strength settings : 1. strong 2. stronger (the one available on the forum) 3...