F1 2016 Tarmac-FFB 2016-10-09

adding more tarmac ffb/roadfeel for Wheels

  1. JayJayRaceinho
    F1 2016 by nature has a very weak 'Roadfeel' for wheels so here is a little mod on for Wheels to add more Tarmac-FFB. Primarly tested on Logitech DFGT but may also work on other wheels.

    4 different files with various strength settings :

    1. strong
    2. stronger (the one available on the forum)
    3. very strong
    4. experemintal (more common surface-ffb with a few tweaks)

    The FFB on the tarmac also depends on the track and track-surface, not every track-surface is bumpy.

    Own personal settings ingame :

    100 FFB-Strength
    35 Environemnt FFB
    85 Weight FFB

    Logitech-Settings -> let the game decide -> Steering Sensitivy 50 (for 360° lock)

    If curbs feel to heavy reduce the Environment FFB.

    Copy the FFB.erp into :
    \Steam\steamapps\common\F1 2016\asset_groups\ego_package\ffb

    Have Fun, enjoy!
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Recent Reviews

  1. neruxxx
    Version: 2016-10-09
    thanks for your work, i hope you do more findings regarding ffb to get a proper feel. i use a DFGT also.
  2. Theo Berrekeman
    Theo Berrekeman
    Version: 2016-10-09
    Works Excellent!! Thank you very much ;)
  3. MarkVenom
    Version: 2016-10-09
    Awesome! Was waiting for this type of mod! Bravo. Feels pretty good so far....still testing. Understeer effect is perfectly fine. I suggest turning aids off (medium TC will do if you MUST). :-)
  4. Jasegp
    Version: 2016-10-09
    Feels good but still no understeer effect, can you use the file or setting from the F1 2013 game as it's still the best. My wheel is GT3rs2
    1. JayJayRaceinho
      Author's Response
      ...and will never have. not sure where it states it would. Head over to the discussion board and explain a 'understeer' effect. old files are not working.
  5. Kobus Maree
    Kobus Maree
    Version: 2016-10-09
    feels pretty good. thanks
  6. jason_peters
    Version: 2016-10-09
    great improvement to FFB on my fanatec GTRSv2

    would be even better if you can improve / increase the understeer effect when the from loses grip
    1. JayJayRaceinho
      Author's Response
      this one is just for the road-feel...but i am still doing some research for some other stuff...more intense brake-ffb, get rid of loosey deadzone on center and slip-angle ratios may also work.
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