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tactile feedback

  1. searchkaine

    Sell Fame Quad 4150 4 channel amp / Sinustec BS250 bass shaker setup

  2. blekenbleu

    SimHub ShakeIt Bass Shakers custom 4 corner tire slip

    Standard SimHub ShakeIt tire slip does not consider tire loading. For example, an inside tire may be fully unloaded during cornering, with very high slippage, but no perceived sensation in actual driving. This SimHub profile attempts to approximate track sensations from street tires, when...
  3. L

    Want to dip my toe into tactile feedback - Buttkicker Mini-CT

    Hi all, I'm looking to get started with tactile feedback but really just wanted to grab something ready to go. Anybody ever use the Buttkicker Mini-CT that comes with this kit? https://shakercentre.co.uk/gaming-simulation/buttkicker-sim-kit.html I've got a profile based rig, so thought this...