superleague formula

  1. jrayo5

    Movistar Estudiantes Superleague Formula Skin v0.2 0.2

    v0.2 Some minor logo problems solved ___________________________________________________ This is my first skin for the Superleague Formula mod. Movistar Estudiantes is one of the most famous basketball teams in Spain. There are a lot of things to improve. Step by step. Hope you like it!
  2. C

    SuperLeague Formula - Real Madrid skin 1.0

    Real Madrid livery for the SuperLeague Formula mod ( https://*************/5kz0lugl1xq6/2006_Formula_F1_Superleague_for_AC_1.16.rar?fbclid=IwAR0F0n8bMQIsL6hmqTYQBGKAb4CgYtohi8GG74LX1T3a2miHw1zTSZSmLWA ) Textures for helmet, crew suit and gloves and steering wheel included