super gt gt500

  1. TGrinnell

    Lexus LFA GT500 Symphogear Itasha Skin Pack 2022-04-07

    This is a pack of itasha skins for the Lexus LFA GT500 based off the anime series 'Symphogear' featuring the characters Hibiki Tachibana, Chris Yukine & Miku Kohinata. Requires the Lexus LFA GT500 addon for the Super GT mod. Have fun & enjoy!
  2. _Percy_

    2021 Astemo Real Racing NSX 2021-11-15

    2021 Real Racing skin for erleague's NSX GT500
  3. sickopaul

    Nissan GT-R R35 GT500 - Royal Racing 1.0

    Triple skin pack I made for an event in which these 3 beauties raced recently. Made for the Chivas's 2013 SuperGT, you can get it here. Hope you enjoy! Some shots of the main Royal Racing scheme:
  4. rioachmadz

    Nissan GT-R GT500 2020 Test Livery 1.0

    My another livery for Natsuki's AVR 500-R a.k.a Nissan GT-R GT500 2020 This livery made based on the first GT-500 2020 test at Suzuka Circuit Previews: Visit my facebok page for more livery Credit to Balwerk for the Tire texture Hope you all Like it! Have a...
  5. _Percy_

    Fictional JGTC - Panasonic Sevengineering NSX GT - 1999 1

    A new livery for my fictional Sevengineering team, sponsored by Panasonic, for the 1999 JGTC GT500 class, with period accurate design and sponsors Made for AssettoGarage's Honda NSX GT 1998:!oSJSGKjY!akbwxdEx44c1GwplshFHWB-noY9aTN6AqyTWxMDiPP8
  6. S

    Where can I download the latest Super GT GT500 v3.1 by GTWorld for rFactor?

    Where can I download the latest Super GT GT500 v3.1 by GTWorld for rFactor? I searched and every links are dead TrippTeam - dead Can someone upload again this beautiful mod for example on or and share download link ?