street cars

  1. T

    [Physics] Toyota MR2 AW11a Suspension.ini 1.0

    In 1986, in the very first issue of Automobile Magazine, an 1986 Toyota MR2 was pitted against a Ferrari 308. The magazine declared the MR2 the winner. This little mid-engine Toyota took the automotive world by a storm when it was introduced in 1985. And was ranked 8th on the list of Top Sports...
  2. E

    1983 Mitsubishi GJ Sigma Wagon 1.0

    This is a deliberately low quality initial effort as my first mod. About the car: Mitsubishi's fourth iteration of the Galant Σ/Eterna Σ debuted many new innovations for Mitsubishi. The car was sold as the Mitsubishi Galant in most export markets, although in both Australia and New Zealand it...
  3. KINGLIAM2004

    Ferrari 488 GTB VOS Exhaust Sound Mod 1.0

    A very high quality sound mod, with various custom effects made from scratch. That includes, 2 different distance sounds, front angle sound with custom shift sound, new famous classic ferrari horn sound, new skid tire sounds, new transmission sound, with high speed road effects, low speed road...
  4. CodyS1998

    2010s United States License Plate pack 1.0

    Hi there, I hope you enjoy using these 2010s United States license plates. Here you'll find the general issue plates for all 50 states and Washington DC. All of these are made from hi-res images of actual license plates. These took lots of Photoshop work, Lua file scripting, and font editing to...
  5. S

    Is there any street cars mod for automobilista?

    Sorry if my question sounds dumb. I'm kinda new to the simracing world. I just wanted to know if there is for road cars like golf gti mk7 for this game.
  6. abrimaal

    Peugeot 508 for Race 07 GTR Evo 202003

    model by VizPeople GMTed, resized, textured and adjusted to game by Carsay 2019/2020 Uses physics from Citroen C5 TTA by AndreasFSC Not done / not working 1/ sounds bad at full speed (the original .aud didn't work) 2/ no cockpit instruments at all 3/ lights partially done This is a version...
  7. DeeLoo

    DE - Toyota Camry 2007 1.0

    Hello. After working on a car after car and learning the basics, I decided to create my own mods. This is my first released car, Toyota Camry 2007 Hope you guys like it. credits goes to : MohdTN: for creating the car physics Animium: FOR THE MODEL - Update: for everyone who's complaining...
  8. MohdTN

    MTN Honda Accord 2014 1.0

    Hello guys this is my new mod Honda Accord 2014 Saudi Drift version the Honda Accord is one of the favorite Saudi Drift cars It have FWD with nice physics by me 7 colors with 5 different styles I hope you guys like it.
  9. MohdTN

    MTN Hagwalah car pack 2.0

    Hello guys this is my first car pack contain 5 cars which is: 1- Chevrolet caprice 2015 2- Toyota camry 2017 3- Hyundai sonata 2017 4- Ford crown victoria 1998 5- Kia optima 2012 it's all about Saudi drifting the physics is good for Saudi drifting style but the FWD cars also have RWD...
  10. Paul Jeffrey

    Screenshot Sunday - Street Cars

    Another weekend, another 'Screenshot Sunday'. The object of our obsession this weekend? The best (or worst) from the world of the casual street car... As usual we ask you kindly to note the game from which you have taken the screenshot, and to keep it clean and family friendly. Feel free to do...