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MTN Hagwalah car pack 2.0

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Hello guys

this is my first car pack
contain 5 cars which is:
1- Chevrolet caprice 2015
2- Toyota camry 2017
3- Hyundai sonata 2017
4- Ford crown victoria 1998
5- Kia optima 2012

it's all about Saudi drifting
the physics is good for Saudi drifting style but the FWD cars also have RWD drivetrain
if anyone would like to help me with FWD physics like how the real saudi drift look like it will be amazing

It'll be updated when I get the the real or the best physics for each car

thanks to :
for providing the some of cars models



this is the new and the last update for this car pack,
I hope you all enjoy it

about v2.0:
1- new FWD physics for ( camry , sonata , optima )
2- all colliders fix
3- new skins for ( camry , sonata , optima , caprice )
4- some audio changes
5- New Caprice interior wrap

Recommended Setup:
Street tyres
35 psi front
45 psi back
100% turbo

Latest updates

  1. MTN Hagwalah car pack

    v2.0 Hello guys this is the new and the last update for this car pack, I hope you all enjoy it...

Latest reviews

Its A Very good Mod
Try to Make Them look normal
Dont Care about those **** ass bums
Watch on Youtube How To Make Physics
Dont Give up
And Keep Up tHe Great Work
I hate to be harsh but the only car that is worth it and not at all broken is the Crown vic, which I'm fine with. But a couple of the cars don't have audio on the outside, and parts of the body are missing. I hate to do this, but it could be better. Godspeed bud
Very poorly done plenty of bugs and none of the cars have exterior sound and one of them you cant even see through the windshield in first person.
I love it! Please more!
People complaining have no idea how to play this game. Keep up the good work!
Good, but some of em doesnt Have exterior Sounds, But Still Good
well i only downloaded it because i saw the name ford crown victoria and thats my favorite car but i got really dissapointed when i drove it and the other cars this mod was basically a copy and paste even though your pretty new at modding and i its hard to mod but i know this was just a conversion and its not good okay the quality of the cars are sh#t they have bad handling even though they were a bit fun i wish that you actually could have changed a few things.
its nice to see normal cars
You may copy Whole physics from a Kunos setup like Maserati Quattroporte or Giulia and change gear ratios , drivetrain , power and other data to obtain balanced vehicles . VERY ORIGINAL WORK , looks like all assetto corsa players have one million dollars cars as daily in real life .
I really don't understand what you have done.
I just deleted your new version and put back your old version.
And that car without rear bumper?? Why?
Let me chose if I want to do a driving race, or drift please.
Anyway, nice effort, keep it going. :)
First it's there what is new to the update , and the caprice have two version check it out in the "cars/mtn_caprice/with_bumper.rar"
Bad physics, wrong (fantasy?) specs and weights, bad 3D models, weird shaders (with bad normals on some models, namely the Camry), severe inconsistencies (for instance: completely black windows on the Camry and then inside they are completely translucide to the point of appearing to have no glass at all), some cars don't have external sounds (!?), wrong descriptions on some cars, poor textures on some interiors, etc.
The mod does have some potential. If done right, it could be one of the most enjoyable mods for AC. As it stands, though, it needs A LOT of work. I do hope you keep on improving the mod. Ask other people's help if you need. We are a tight, cohesive community after all. Cheers!
Thank you for the feedback , I know it need a lot of fixing
but it's actually a lot of work for me only, I made it just for fun
there is no realistic at all
it's just what I feel if it's good or not
I would love if someone help me with a realistic physics
People needs to relax,its a mod just for the fun of it. Drifting a Camry is dream come true. Thank you for your effort and thank you for sharing
thank you, glad you like it
Awful. I don't even know why these "conversions" are allowed to stay in the mods section. Don't waste your time.
Is this mod realistic? no
Is this mod fun? YES!

Keep it up, you've got to start somewhere!
Good work as a starter making cars for AC.
I don't know where these 3D models are from, but they're appalling. The shaders are terrible. The Crown Vic literally doesn't have windows. Half the cars don't have exterior sound. Why do you think a Toyota Camry is a RWD sports car with 500 horsepower? You don't even have suspension nodes done. The KIA's reflectors light up like brake lights. Everything except the Caprice and the Ford are on steelies. The steering angle is entirely unrealistic. The physics are copy/pasted from entirely different cars. The models look like they've been stolen and imported without care. This shouldn't be released. I'd love to have a carset of these sedans with realistic physics, but this isn't even close. The Caprice is the only thing here with promise. Spend some time focusing on one car and get that right before importing a handful of models.
omg you guys do not read,
this is my first car conversion
i'm new to modding world I did my best I hope to update it in the future to the best
i'm not the guy how makes great physics I do not know how
the physics are copied from older version caprice
and I had edited nerly 90% of the handling
and I did everything by my self no one help me with the physics
as I said if anyone would like to help me whith the physics
it'll be great
i'm learning and I will do better next time
Thanks for the work and sharing
you're welcome my dude
love your Saudi arabian content man. keep it up man
thank you , more stuff coming
Physics are a straight Copy&Paste job from the Kunos E92 M3 and Abarth 500. Models are as far as I know legit, maybe from turbosquid or a similar site given their high poly count (500k+), or if they are game rips they had their UVs were redone.
With proper physics these may even be fun to have for non Erhabe drifters, but so far they are not.
no actually the physics copied from older version caprice and I have made some changes on each car
This mod has great potential, and I've always dreamed about doing this on AC because it looked like such fun... But the mod isn't up to scratch. No AO or UV mapping, very weird shader settings, not brilliant models, etc, etc. EDIT: After playing around with them, the problems are more than just skin deep. The cars handle like FD drift cars, which I was not expecting. Every car is RWD, has Struts at the front and Double wishbone at the rear, with a ridiculous amount of steering angle. Cars drifted by Arabs are normally completely standard, even the FWD ones. I've changed my review from 2 stars to 1 as I realised that it isn't a mod that should've been released, at this time anyway. This seems like a very early in development mod that should be worked on a LOT more before release. However, don't be discouraged - keep going at it and learn more about what makes a mod great.
thank you for the feedback,
this is my first ever car Conversion
i'm not the best on physics side
if anyone would make physics for the cars it'll be so great
maybe one day I'll know how to make the best physics for these car
File size
145.9 MB
First release
Last update
User rating
3.32 star(s) 19 ratings

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