1. Verde_msk

    Lister Storm GTS 2.1

    Hi all. Seems like most of the old resources where we posted GTR2 mods are dead or are going to do so in the future. So, I decided to reupload my old mods here at racedepartment. Version 2.1 22.09.2014 ______________ Base model - Simbin 3D rework, texures, physics - Verde Sound - Mildrew...
  2. DavidDGA

    1995 Lister Storm GTS - Lister Cars Limited #52 1.1

    Here is the 1995 Lister Storm GTS which ran at Le Mans 1995. This skin is for RSS Tornado V12 . This Datasonix sponsored Lister could not finish due to a gearbox failure. Hope you like it.
  3. RoyalFranzYT

    Love Laika (Minami Nitta/Anastasia) - RSS GT Tornado V12 V2 2.0

    Since it's Minami-san's birthday, i though i'd update the Love Laika liveries made for RSS' GT Tornado V12. Removed the REME sticker as i thought it's no longer necessary and yes, i did change the rim color to gold at the last moment but that's removable. Also, there's the silly "Visit Wales" ad...
  4. RoyalFranzYT

    Love Laika (Minami Nitta/Anastasia) - RSS GT Tornado V12 1.0

    This is a pair of Love Laika (Minami Nitta and Anastasia) skins i made for the RSS GT Tornado V12, based on an old pair of liveries i made for the in-game Lister Storm V12 in GTR 2. Sorry though if there isn't much put into this, the skin template was quite complicated compared to the one for...
  5. JJ72

    RSS GT Tornado - Lister Storm GTM 005 offical livery 1.01

    The official Lister GT livery has many variations, and I have chosen this version since it has more picture record available. Roof graphics and many obscure logos recreated from old pictures so please forgive some level of inaccuracy, but should overall be satisfactory. Future update of driver...