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south america

  1. JocelynTurmel

    AI lanes for all payware APVS circuits 1.00

    These AI lanes replace most pit and fast lanes for all payware circuits and layouts of the South American APVS league. Finally you can enjoy these fun tracks with decent AI. Autódromo Ciudad de Paraná Autódromo Ciudad de Nueve de Julio Autódromo Juan Manuel Fangio Autódromo Base Aeronaval de...
  2. el_mattpro

    Dedicated Servers Project

    Hello everyone, i know that people here speak 80% english 20% other lenguajes, and i'm bad with that, but lets see what can i do. I'm an old Assetto Corsa user and i race in private leagues, but i always look at the Online tab and see the same... "Tourist" servers with full grid and race servers...