sophia floersch

  1. Legalestrauma

    Sophia Flörsch Helmet by L.T.Marcel 1.0

    Video Image
  2. AlexBfromG

    Sophia Flörsch / Floersch Helmet 2020 1.01

    works best with the rss2_2018 driver model. on regular cars, the air intake will be white, cause it looks pretty messy with this design otherwise. If someone has a config to remove the air intake let me know.
  3. Lady Oscar

    Sophia Floersch Dallara F317 Skin+ Campos crew suit 0.8

    Be sure to extract the content of the archive in the root of the AC folder or you are going to miss the mechanics and engineers suit! I've tried to recreate the Campos skin, but I've failed miserably :'(((( I've made a big mistake: I didn't save the Photoshop project file and now I can't fix it...