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  1. R

    Logitech G920 Losing center when turning fast

    As above, the wheel is losing center when I start to drive fast. Happens in all games. Obviously as a result I can't reach my potential, knowing that it will slip, as soon as I start chasing some serious lap times. Don't want to upgrade to Fanatec, as I have some other investments atm. Is there...
  2. kawa4saki

    MGP19 Important when installing a mod.

    Hello everyone, i did found out, a bout something. This could make problem´s for people who wanna use mod´s. There is a problem with the game, for example: if you downloaded a mod. Like for a Ducati livery, then that one will work. BUT.... if you do install a 2th mod for the same Ducati...
  3. pocisk

    Automobilista - 720 Hz FFB - solution [ENG]

    Hi guys i want to share with you some solution for faster FFB in AMS (sorry for my bad eng.) Also pdf version: https://drive.google.com/file/d/14ZUbl7QUmHjIVPZtzzAlOMZJ85HqdieW/view