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MGP19 Important when installing a mod.

Hello everyone, i did found out, a bout something.

This could make problem´s for people who wanna use mod´s.

There is a problem with the game, for example: if you downloaded a mod.
Like for a Ducati livery, then that one will work. BUT.... if you do install a 2th mod for the same Ducati livery, it could make some problems with the game.
the problem wich the game is creating, will be that the 2th mod livery will not show in the game.

for example: i used my coca cola Ducati livery, and i wanted to test my new livery for the Ducati wich im creating.
but when i did start the game with both files in the pak file, the new pak file ( modded skin ) did not showed up in the game. and i saw my coca cola livery. ( old mod )

the solution is to delete the 1th pak file ( ofcourse that will work because the other mod is gone and the new mod is installed. ) YES THAT'S TRUE BUT.... if you installed the mission winnow mod from biker7202, you do have dovi, petrux and a custom skin ( not sure about the custom one haven't tried that custom rider ) and if you want my coca cola ( for example ) wich is only for the custom rider.

you can use them both because then it will only change the custom rider, but sometimes this problem will show up and you only can see 1 modded pak file at a time. ( that mean's only the mission winnow mod, or the custom rider coca cola mod. )

This problem will not be there each time, it happen's often. i had this problem 3 or 4 times since 20-9-2019

hope you guys do understand me, because my english is not the best language wich i speak or write.

for any question's or other things, youre welcome.