1. Richárd Nagy

    Ben O'Bro's Porsche 911 Singer Additional (Classic) skins 1.0

    I tried to make some classic skins for the mighty Singer.
  2. Bloodflame

    Vintage Martini skin for Singer 911 1.0

    Requires the Porsche 911 Singer by Ben O'Bro
  3. Bloodflame

    Singer Rallye #68 1.0

    Two fictional rally skins for AWD version of the Singer 911 by Ben O'Bro The rally stage in the screenshots is Semetin, which in my opinion, is the best rally stage available in Assetto Corsa. I know this sim isn't known for great rallying, but I do encourage you to try this car and track...
  4. Bloodflame

    Singer 12-pack 1.0

    Not much of an explanation is needed here. Just a dozen fictional liveries for the Singer 911 by Ben O'Bro. Some of these skins have unique interior fabrics. All versions of the car are supported (3.8L, 4L, AWD). Most are named after locations, as real Singer cars are. That does not mean Singer...
  5. AC - Fontnery - Porsche 911 Singer - Track day

    AC - Fontnery - Porsche 911 Singer - Track day

    It's been a week of discovery of tracks master pieces and this is one that couldn't be missed. Together with a hell of a car. Enjoy!
  6. Richárd Nagy

    Ben O'Bro's Porsche 911 Singer Additional skins 1.0

    Skins for Ben O'Bro's Porsche Singer
  7. Bloodflame

    Magnus Walker Collection for Porsche 911 Singer FINAL

    Every Porsche fan should know who Magnus Walker is, so I shouldn't need to explain who he is, or why his Porsche's have become famous in recent years. Likewise, every Porsche fan should know about Singer Vehicle Design, and the miraculous level of detail that goes into each and every one of...
  8. Ben O'Bro

    Porsche 911 Singer 1.1

    Time for 1.0 1.1 has come. After numerous hours (an actual number would probably scare both you and me) here comes a version 1.0 1.1 If you find anything, don't hesitate to post in the Support section. ♦ Templates ♦ PSD for 4.0/3.8 : PSD for AWD...
  9. Ben O'Bro

    Cars WIP - 911 by Singer

    EDIT 2019/10 Singer v0.9 : -------------------------- it's happening, i'm creating a new thread. After too many pages of Caterham(s)... - still my first mod ever :D - the time has come. Now i went the lazy road again. After...