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  1. Peter Winkler

    Rig Report - Peter Winkler

    Dear All, since some years i am well known by sharing my DIY hobbies across different platforms. I started to write german posts to share my experiences to help others enjoying our great spare time. 10y ago i posted my first DIY report showing my slotcar track - today i have already 50 pages...
  2. S

    Fanatec podium dd F1 wheel (PS4 and PC) is it compatible with Heusinkveld or Simtag pedals?

    Hi all, thank you for accepting me in this forum. I am looking to update my gear from logitech g29 on a wheel stand to Fanatec podium direct drive F1 wheel compatible with PS4 and PC, but a question I have is will that Fanatec wheel be compatible with a set of Heusinkveld Ultimates or Simtag...