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  1. G-Slev

    Slide for slot 8 aluminium extrusion

    I have built an 8020 rig using aluminium from motedis. I am looking to incorporate a keyboard tray in the build, but need something to go in the aluminium profile that is capable of sliding in the groove from left to right. There is a commercially available solution, but it is ridiculously...
  2. Mo Selvarajah

    Sell Complete simrig outfit - dd wheel, pedals, wheels, shifter, quick release!

    EDIT: i've changed my mind............only selling as whole package for time being, i'll leave it another few months before splitting in March if it doesn't sell. I'm near Nottingham, UK. Complete simrig outfit for sale, my price is £1650 total. No offers. You can see below how i have come to...
  3. A

    Show us your Rig / Cockpit

    I found topic like this on several forum, i think this is a cool thing to see how others are racing! So i start off, here is mine:
  4. F

    DIY Wood Sim-Rig with all components and some guideline measurements

    I am into simracing for 1 and a half year now, which is rather short, but it feels like a hobby which I never found, but always needed. I started with a PS3 Controller, then went to the Steam Controller and afterwards I got my Logitech G29 at christmas last year, since then I've absolutely...