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sim dream development

  1. raildriver

    Ferrari F2008 Bahrain Pre-Season Test Skins 1.0

    Another skin edit that nobody asked for on a car nobody cares about! This pair of skins is intended to represent how the Ferrari F2008 cars appeared in Bahrain during pre-season testing in early February, 2008. These tests would also mark the last time a Ferrari car would use uncensored...
  2. raildriver

    Ferrari F10 - Additional Stickers 1.0

    This is a pretty basic skinning job I made out of sheer interest. I don't particularly like Sim Dream Development's cars, but they fill slots. If viewers recall, the 2010 Ferrari F10 ran with multiple sticker designs across the rear fin throughout the 2010 season overall. From the Bahrain...
  3. estellia

    SimDreamDevelopment SF1000 Haas Skin 1.0.2

    Hello, I've been enjoying the Sim Dream Development SF1000 mod with the custom physics mod for this car, aswell as the F1 Mega pack sound mod that makes the sound more awesome. I wanted to try and make a skin for it since i really enjoyed making one last time i did a simple color correction...