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side lines

  1. kevink63

    AI sidelines, pit fix, and hint for Autodromo de Tocancipa v2.0

    The fast lane seemed very good, but pit lane was broken. So a new pit lane was created, and I cleaned up the sidelines and added a hint to help with crashing. Very nice track, in my opinion! Original track link: https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/aut%C3%B3dromo-de-tocancip%C3%A1.41397/...
  2. max kagan

    Sachsenring F1 AI 0.1.3

    Extended sidelines and made smoother lines for ai to take in formula cars AI does mid 57s to 58s on softs depending on temperatures and track state Hold shift on track load to initialize ai spline https://ibb.co/qDF2HjB
  3. kevink63

    Side Lines and Pit Lane for Salzburgring v1.0

    Side lines, ai hints, and pit lane reworked for less crashes in races. Tested at 100% strength and aggression with Kunos GT3 and RSS 4. Enjoy, and Happy New Year
  4. kevink63

    Side lines and pit lane for Circuito de Jerez v1.0

    Just a quick side line clean up for better ai consistency, and a new pit lane. Original ai fast lane was very good, imo, so it was not touched. Both layouts included. Original track by alex meyer: https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/circuito-de-jerez.15735/ Additional texture pack by...