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  1. Prazelee

    Brezova Gokartland - Drift Track 0.9

    Brezova Gokartland is a real life racetrack in Hungary. The track hosts occasional drift events, slalom races and has a collection of rental karts on site. Tracklights and RainFX supported. If you like my work and wish to support me financially, please instead donate the amount to a charity of...
  2. T

    (Fictional Racetrack) Kallio 0.9

    This is my very first track creation for Assetto Corsa, created in Blender (so be gentle). Track itself is a short one - mere two kilometres - so slower cars should generate better racing! The layout is characterised by significant elevation changes, and the "longest" straight is only 300...
  3. Popsu

    Tor Wyrazów 1.0

    Tor Wyrazów is a small kart track located in Poland, that was used in 2000's mostly by drifters. The track is now closed. I used some textures from Tor Poznań track mod. Check it out. Awesome work, great mod. I am not working on this track right now and i don't want it to go to waste, that's...
  4. Akinastyle

    Kiszewall 0.3

    Hi! I present you my first mod "kiszewall" , it's a fictional map made to drift. I share this mod to get information about the pilots' feelings. Feel free to share your feelings! All opinions are good for me, it will allow me to improve myself and the track. Have fun;)