1. R

    Shoei Visor Tear Off and sticker (Gives You Wings & Pull&Bear) 1.00

    Shoei Visor Tear Off and sticker
  2. Whalenap

    RTSH Pennzoil Bentley Continental GT3 1.0

    Good evening simracers, Tonight I share one of my favorite designs ever : yellow with black and small touches of british racing green. A kind of Pennzoil livery on a fictionnal british team. Some of you already know that you can follow me on instagram, facebook, and of course on my website...
  3. Whalenap

    Kawasaki Racing Nissan GTR '18 1.3

    Here is a new skin for the Nissan GTR (2018) The main idea was to create a livery for a fictional Kawasaki Racing team. The lime green color, a bit "neony" strongly contrasting with a deep slightly metallic black. Elf et Monster Energy were a natural choice, for these are sponsors of the...
  4. Whalenap

    Team Repsol Japan GTR '19 1.0

    This skin is inspired by the liveries of Honda Repsol moto GP team. I hope you will enjoy this one, it has been pretty difficult to finally get an acceptable result. The GTR has lots of little parts that are not so easy to locate, and I wanted it to be as balanced as possible. Dealing with...
  5. 86ayayay

    Marquez Brothers 2020 1.0

    What's inside : Alex Marquez 2020 helmet Marc & Alex new gloves and boots Using Alpinestars new boot model New suit textures (based on custom rider suit) Marc & Alex new glass windshield Marc's helmet is not included since it has been beautifully made by Calicojack Installation : Copy .pak...
  6. Chris Guardian

    Marc Marquez 2016 Montmelo helmet 2018-09-04

    Marc Marquez 2016 Montmelo helmet. I hope you like it... p.s. no number for career use...
  7. Arif Hakim

    Marc Marquez Winter Test Helmet 2018-02-01