1. macklorenzo

    Blue Shark Yamaha Helmet 1.0

    Shark Yamaha for custom rider : - Replaced Johann Zarco shark helmet texture - Menu UI image
  2. 86ayayay

    Jorge Lorenzo 'Blue Editon' Helmet 1.0

    Just a quick edit from my Lorenzo helmet mod from MotoGP20 What's inside : - Jorge's Portimao test helmet 'blue edition' replace Jorge winter test helmet - Menu ui image Installation : - Copy .pak file into your RIDE 4 paks folder ex : D:\Steam\steamapps\common\RIDE 4\ride4\Content\Paks - Enjoy
  3. 86ayayay

    Sylvain Guintoli 2020 Suzuki Test Rider 1.0

    What's inside: Shark Race R Pro GP S. Guintoli Helmet Replace stock Shark 'Black' helmet S. Guintoli Suzuki 2020 bering suit replace aplinestars suit Added S. Guintoli 50 number replace stock number 50 and 'suzuki' buttpatch replace 'hurricane' 'Guntoli' sticker already placed in the upper part...
  4. 86ayayay

    Jorge Lorenzo 2020 Custom Rider 1.1

    What's Inside: - Jorge Lorenzo Sepang Test 2020 Helmet Replace stock shark helmet - Jorge Lorenzo yamaha test rider suit replace yamaha factory custom rider alpinestars suit - Added Jorge Lorenzo 99 number replace stock number 98 and 'JL99' buttpatch replace 'the hammer' - Jorge Lorenzo yamaha...
  5. J

    #20 Ed Carpenter Racing for VRC Formula NA 2018 (Road) 1.1

    After many hours of work i may finally present my second skin mod for Assetto Corsa to you :) Just like my Mazda skin I couldn't resist recreating Conor Daly's 2020 Indy Car challenger, which is one of the sickest liveries i've ever seen. :D I hope you'll enjoy it, I would appreciate reviews...