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  1. Whills

    Star Wars: The Landspeeder Racing for rFactor 1.0 beta

    PLEASE NOTE: YOU ARE NOT PERMITTED TO UPLOAD THE SOURCE FILE ANYWHERE ELSE! S T A R W A R S THE LANDSPEEDER RACING A GIFT FOR STAR WARS FANS For many years, the exciting LANDSPEEDER GRAND PRIX has been held around the galaxy. Only the most talented drivers could win the championship. The...
  2. Whills

    DeLorean DMC-12: Back to the Future 2.2

    Drive all the DeLoreans from Back to the Future trilogy, that's it. Please note: This addon is only made for fun, don't take it too seriously. Original Mod made by FMR team, reworked and updated by Whills. Updates and fixes: 1. Updated mesh and shader for better graphics. 2. Fixed and...