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satsuma gauges

  1. R

    rainbow satsuma gauges 1.1

    first step: download vehicle texture swap step two:if you have installed the vehicle texture swap you have to download this mod step three:after that you open the file and you move the contents of the file to the my summer car/images/vehicletextureswap/satsuma folder step fourth:open the game...
  2. mabrahamh

    Save Game My Summer Car Satsuma Stock 1.5

    Save Game Satsuma Stock
  3. RedJohn260

    Plugins Colorful Gauges[Plugin]

    RedJohn260 submitted a new resource: Colorful Gauges - plugin, gauge, color, Read more about this resource...
  4. Nuggi84

    Colored Gauges for satsuma 0.9

    Just a simple texture edit replace the Texture at sharedassets3 Also let me know if you want me to change something (like the color)