san remo

  1. madmax_2a

    Lawedge_Stratos "Camel" N°14 - Sanremo 1978 - Vudafieri-Mannini V1

  2. madmax_2a

    Lawedge-Stratos HFAlitalia N°1- 2nd SanRemo 76-Munari-Maiga V1

    I know there are several livery models on this site, but I wanted to make this legendary Lancia Stratos livery "Alitalia", so enjoy this beauty, drive safe and put on your seatbelts. ;)
  3. A

    Lancia 037 Olio Fiat Black v.1.3

    Lancia 037 Olio Fiat Black (edit from car bundeled) Rally San Remo 1984 (F.Tabaton - L.Tedeschini) Car: rw_037_GrB. Car Download:Here My WEB were I upload other skins
  4. Gian76

    Fiat 131 Abarth Vudafieri San Remo 1980 1.3

    Backup your orange livery n°42 131 Abarth. Can be update next time this skin. Hope like it. Any suggestions are welcome. Cheers.