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  1. Ben Dovah

    FORD ESCORT RS1600: THE BLUE BOMBER 2019-07-06

    Ben Dovah Caravan Parks Proudly presents, FORD ESCORT RS1600: THE BLUE BOMBER Originally intended as an update to my old Escort, I just couldn't bear the thought of copying over that old bastard. I decided instead to make this a stand-alone skin that just happens to share a lot of assets...
  2. Ben Dovah

    Rusty Austin Mini Cooper S 2019-07-01

    Ben Dovah Barns Proudly presents, A very Rusty Austin Mini Cooper S PLEASE NOTE: THIS FILE IS FOR THE OLD VERSION THAT WAS BANNED FROM RACE DEPARTMENT. I'LL BE UPLOADING AN UPDATED VERSION SOON. If you find anything wrong with it, let me know in the support section. Please note: I will...
  3. T

    Textures Rust Remove

    TypicalThijsie submitted a new resource: Rust Remove - Removes the rust on the Satsuma and makes it nice and clean.
  4. T

    Rust Remove 1.0

    Did you ever want a nice and clean Satsuma without any rust? Here it is, the mod that makes the Satsuma clean again! This mod will (as the title suggests) remove all of the rust on the Satsuma and make the parts clean and shiny as they were in it’s glorious years! {instructions on how to...
  5. Ben Dovah

    The RUSTANG One Point Oh

    This skin is now included in the 1970's Performance Mustangs main download file. You get it with the actual mod. You don't need to download it here. THE RUSTANG™ 302 429 You need this mod for the car: http://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/1970s-performance-mustangs.19574/ HAVE FUN WITH...
  6. P

    Satsuma racing stripes pinup rusty skin 1.0

    So this is my first skin, I tried my best. Feel free to leave your opinions and suggestions below. Only skin included (windows sticker is from another mod) Screens in support
  7. Ben Dovah

    FORD ESCORT RS1600: Bust Rucket Racing 2.5

    Check out my new Escort skin THE BLUE BOMBER! https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/ford-escort-rs1600-the-blue-bomber.27570/ Because racecar! Non race version A very flattering video by Stephen O'Sullivan featuring the skin. He takes this majestic beauty to Goodwood.... Naturally...
  8. mrsalatek

    Rust Satsuma 1.0

    Texture for Satsuma with simple dashboard customization for real comrade. Some screenshots: Installation: Place car.png in "Image" folder and also replace .dds texture in sharedassets(1-3).assets using Unity Asset Explorer
  9. mrsalatek

    Rust Van 1.2

    This is just simple rust texture for Hayosiko Van. Some screenshots: Installation: Replace .dds texture in sharedassets3.assets using Unity Asset Explorer
  10. GyroscopicDesign

    Permanent Rust Removal(except engine texture) V1.1