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FORD ESCORT RS1600: Bust Rucket Racing

FORD ESCORT RS1600: Bust Rucket Racing 2.5

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Latest updates

  1. The Easter Update

    Plenty of minor changes made to the skin. The front spoiler is now black(ish)...
  2. The UGLY ON THE INSIDE update.

    The cabin now has more "charm" and is a little more fleshed out than before. You also have...
  3. The Very rough placeholder interior update.

    I've added a very rushed interior to the car. It's pretty low standard, but it has cigarette...

Latest reviews

Tip-top skinnage. Amazing!
Ben Dovah
Ben Dovah
Drive it in VR. You can basically smell the interior. It's not a good smell.
Awesome Skin Ben, and although I haven't yet raced using the skin, as I JUST DID a video feat that Ford Escort. I did end up doing a mock "Sim-Racing Community Announcement" Blooper, using your Skin Model for the very next video. Very Clever idea, and if you'd like to check out that Blooper, then please feel free to check it out here : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qRJoFQC3piA
Rust never sleeps!
So much detail, just love it ! :-)
One of the best AC skins ever made. It's so good that I featured it in a video: https://youtu.be/35qkbxQjyTA
Ben Dovah
Ben Dovah
Cheers mate. I added your video to the page.
Yes really cool, also a friend of mine has had this car in the 80's
I'm not a person who review things very often, but man, this is my favorite ac skin. Please do more cars, whatever cars you want, just do it.
You have the sense of humor I really like, as this skin. This is without competition the best in AC
Ben Dovah
Ben Dovah
Wow! Thank you.
I'm working on another (very slowly) Have a look at a VERY early screenshot. https://i.imgur.com/rPxR28j.jpg

Still a hell of a lot more to do and even what you see may not be kept.

Also Monkey Bikes are ****ing awesome and I ABSOLUTELY WILL OWN AND ROOST ONE ONE DAY.
original idea, congratulations.
very, very nice!!! =D
Still loving this rusty skin. Is it easy to do this also for other (classic) cars in AC? Thx!!
Ben Dovah
Ben Dovah
Yes & no. It's pretty easy to make a rusty car. Making it look good in game is another story. Assetto Corsa is odd the way it handles lighting. A lot of stuff I do ends up looking great in the showroom and like vomit in game.

It can take me (personally) quite a while to get it right.
looks sooooooooooo nice :)
Great, great, great! I am not kidding, the best I've seen. I really want more of these.
Filth and Fury.
Awesome! Felt bad about stuffing a pristine looking escort in a wall. Now it's a little less painful xD. Jokes aside, this skin is really cool
very good!!
Ugliest Skin I've ever seen. Can you do more of these "barnfind skins", maybe for that Alfa
Ben Dovah
Ben Dovah
Gonna do some (pretend) driving for a while. I've been eyeing the AE86 for the next contender.
The Alfa NEEDS rust though. An Alfa without rust is probably a replica or something.
Brilliantly done, great attention to detail! Thanks.
Ben Dovah
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