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  • Super expensive high-end hardware

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rss hybrid x

  1. D

    RSS Formula Hybrid 2021 fictional skin 1.00

    Fictional skin
  2. T

    Aarava Archer Racing (for Hybrid X 2022) 1.1

    My attempt at recreating one of the liveries aarava (Aarav Amin) used in his F1 2020 MyTeam career series. To keep in trend with the Marduk Motorsport livery, I settled on the fifth season – which happened to be the final season in which aarava ran a Brawn GP inspired livery before switching to...
  3. T

    'HRT' IntoTheBarrier (for Hybrid X 2022) 1.0

    The ‘HRT’ livery based on Scott’s (IntoTheBarrier) ‘design’ used for his rather short-lived MyTeam career mode. This is basically one of the default liveries Codemasters made for the F1 2020 game with the Shark logo plastered on it + some easter eggs referencing IntoTheBarrier’s videos. Yes, I...
  4. T

    Marduk Motorsport (for Hybrid X 2022) 1.2

    Hi! This is my attempt at recreating the livery Tiametmarduk (Benjamin Daly) used in his fifth season of his MyTeam 2020 series. It’s only the livery – gloves, suit and helmet are not included (will possibly add the suit in an update). It’s as close as I could get to the original, but not 100%...
  5. chrisi2174

    RSS hybrid X Ferrari Skins (Fictional for 2021) 1.3

    RSS Hybrid X Ferrari Skins Alfa Romeo ,Renault and new Ferrari version here new wheel cover