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Marduk Motorsport (for Hybrid X 2022)

Marduk Motorsport (for Hybrid X 2022) 1.2

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Hi! This is my attempt at recreating the livery Tiametmarduk (Benjamin Daly) used in his fifth season of his MyTeam 2020 series. It’s only the livery – gloves, suit and helmet are not included (will possibly add the suit in an update).

It’s as close as I could get to the original, but not 100% faithful due to the difficulty I had with recreating the orange and purple elements prominently featured on the F1 2020 livery. As such, it’s more of a livery ‘inspired by’ than a 1:1 copy-paste. Aside of the colors, the livery's sponsors also have subtle changes as well, such as additional logo’s near the rear and the addition of the DISTORT logo (+ a special hashtag on the nose cone).

It took some doing, especially without the tools to draw on 3D surfaces, but I’m happy with how it turned out.

Credits and links:
Original design by SeviGraphics:

You can find Tiametmarduk's YouTube channel here:

The Formula Hybrid X 2022 is a product of RaceSimStudio. You can purchase / download the car here:







Latest updates

  1. Small AO fix and note on using ACSPRH

    Fix a small issue with AO not being applied properly everywhere. Only affects the chassis...
  2. Pirelli and racing numbers update

    Replaced the FormulE sponsor on the nose cone with Pirelli. Additionally, I've added a folder...

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Great work, nice skin.
Thank you ;)
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