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rss ferruccio 36

  1. Brandydo

    ALMS 2002 GT Pack 1.0

    Returning to the 2002 season of the American Le Mans Series for this release - the GT class. Included in this pack are 10 skins - 9 for the RSS Darche 96 and 1 for the RSS Ferruccio 36. As with the 2003 season, the Porsches use the 2004 version of the 996, however it is used because it is the...
  2. co199

    Setup - RSS GTN Ferruccio 36 - Watkins Glen 1.0

    This is a setup for the RSS GTN Ferruccio 36 at LilSki's great Watkins Glen. If you've driven the Ferruccio 36 (or the Darche 96, for that matter), you'll know it's a tail-happy little minx. I tried to tune out the worst of the snap oversteer while still remaining "competitive". I prefer...
  3. chrisi2174

    RSS Ferruccio 36 / Ferrari 360 NGT Skinpack FIA GT 2003 1.04

    PayPal.Me in v1.04 +MasterCarTeam(71) and other little things ...overwrites my old files!! Override my old versions !!! Porsche 996 NGT 2003 Skinpack here Here are the last two teams from the FIA GT 2003/Ferrari 360 by susanthedeath2 2003 FIA GT Maranello Concessionaires by susanthedeath2 here...