rsr formula three

  1. TonyC63

    RSR Formula Three setup issue

    I'm working on a setup for the RSR F3 for Spa (loved it in Assetto Corsa and even more in rFactor2) but I have an issue with front tyre pressures and I don't know how to fix it. The tyre temp information in Motec is indicating that I need to lower the front pressures as the center of the tyres...
  2. Paul Jeffrey

    Club Racing Focus: F3 at Monza in Assetto Corsa

    Fancy a fun time racing excellent formula cars around a classic Grand Prix venue in Assetto Corsa? Well this Monday we have just the thing for you! Club Racing here at RaceDepartment is a great way for you to enjoy sim racing as it is best experienced - against real people, in a safe and...
  3. A

    RSR Formula 3 - Diageo skin 2018-05-06

    RSR Formula 3 - Diageo Skin for the RSR Formula 3 mod. Installation instructions: Extract the folder from the archive into your Skins folder. Imgur Album
  4. A

    RSR Formula 3 - Coca-Cola skin 2018-05-06

    RSR Formula 3 - Coca Cola My first released skin for the RSR Formula 3 mod. Simple chrome base to accentuate the classic Coca-Cola red. Installation instructions: Extract the folder from the archive into your Skins folder. More Images
  5. Celtic Pharaoh

    EU LIVE STREAM: Formula 3 @ Nürburgring Sprint - Wed 14Mar18

    Miss the responsive sharp handling? The rear twitching at 200kph? Racing in cars where the likes of Verstappen, Vettel, Hamilton, Alonso cut their teeth? Then come along and join us for an evening of exciting Formula 3 action, courtesy of Radiator Springs Racing. Who can join? All premium...
  6. Matix

    RSR Formula 3 - STR Honda 0.8

    Hi, Here's my attempt for one of the Sean Bull Design's skins. Two versions: -4K -SRS (10mb for online racing) -no helmet, suit, gloves Hope you like it.
  7. Matix

    RSR Formula 3 - Nike #9 0.8

    Hello, Something told me to do it, so i just did it. Just enjoy it. Mod HERE
  8. Matix

    RSR Formula 3 - Suomi 100 0.8

    Hi there, This is my first skin to share. Link for the mod HERE Hope you enjoy it!
  9. Bobby Pennington

    US RSR Formula 3 @ Imola - Sun 10Sep17

    Say hello to your new ride for the foreseeable future.....The RSR Formula 3 v3.1 developed by the RSR Team. These are the Formula 3 cars you've seen in the feeder series leading up to Formula 2 and F1. With a little more power and speed plus the tuning options this little car should keep us busy...
  10. Joseph GodwinKE

    Godwin Corsa Theme for v0.1 2017-07-27

    Version 0.1: -New Icons for Menu and In-game Menu -Modified UI for Time Attack and Drift Sessions -GBrowser module for Mod Downloads (redirects to default browser though) -Real Driver names for A.I (BlancPain GT Series entry drivers for 2017) -Compatible with RSR Live Timing app Video...
  11. KingofRivals

    Dallara F312 Formula 3 HyperX TagHeuer Fantasy Skin 1.0

    Formula 3 Fantasy Skin TagHeuer HyperX ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hello guys, its my first skin i hope you like it ;) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If you want to use...
  12. Paul Jeffrey

    RSR Formula Three V3.1 Update Released for Assetto Corsa

    Radiator Springs Racing have released a new build of their outstanding Formula Three mod for Assetto Corsa, adding several updates to the way the car feels and some minor visual tweaks. The new build brings the Formula Three car to version 3.1, bringing substantial updates to the force feedback...
  13. Paul Jeffrey

    Major RSR Formula Three Assetto Corsa Mod Update Released

    The already quite incredible RSR Formula Three car from the Radiator Springs Racing Modding team has just been updated to Version 3 for Assetto Corsa, bringing one of the most impressive car modifications for the game up to another level in detail and quality. With many fans left eagerly...