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  1. destinationriver

    Gulf McLaren Racing | VRC Formula NA 2021 | 8k Skinpack 1.1

    Hi guys! A few days ago, I released the Gulf McLaren skinpack for the RSS Formula Americas, however VRC released their VRC NA 2021 mod a few days after, so I decided to put it out for that mod as well! This is not just an adaption from the RSS skin pack, it's a complete new project...
  2. destinationriver

    Gulf McLaren Racing | Formula Americas 2020 0.85

    Hi guys! After the Monaco weekend is over, I thought the McLaren Gulf livery would look really cool on an Indycar! So here it is! Feautures: 4 skins of McLaren F1 drivers Daniel Ricciardo and Lando Norris as well as Arrow McLaren SP drivers Pato O'Ward and Felix Rosenqvist custom steering...
  3. ernestopaniccia

    2012 Toro Rosso for Formula Hybrid 2021 1.0

    2012 Toro Rosso skin for RSS Formula Hybrid 2021
  4. RasmusGeertsen

    F1 2020 All Drivers Helmet Template V2

    Here is a template for all the 20 drivers base helmet design for you to mod or use yourself! I have removed all the sponsors so they can be modified to fit another team or use as inspiration for your helmet design. There is also a folder with visor attachments for every team Update -Leclerc's...
  5. ItzzAdr14n

    2021 Helmet Pack 1.0

    Hello everyone! Here we have a package of fantasy helmets for Carlos Sainz Jr at Ferrari, Daniel Ricciardo at McLaren and Fernando Alonso at Renault. -Sainz's helmet replaces Vettel's -Ricciardo's helmet replaces Sainz's -Alonso's helmet replaces Ricciardo's Instructions: Go into 'this PC'>...
  6. Moustagua

    CLASSIC HELMET for F1 2019: Daniel RICCIARDO MONACO 2016 2020-02-22

    If you like my work, please feel free to make a donation. Click here: INFORMATION: All helmets for F1 2019 are compatible with F1 2020 and F1 2021. There is just a slight offset between the visor attachment and the helmet. For using this helmet with F1 2021, please use my VISOR STRIP UPDATE...
  7. ItzzAdr14n

    Daniel Ricciardo Career Helmets 1.0

    Hello everyone! So because of Codemasters adding in driver transfers I thought I'd make helmets for my favourite driver, that being Daniel Ricciardo. As the helmets don't change automatically I was going to have to make some. There's one for each team, plus a 90 Years' version for Ferrari, as it...
  8. ThcMotorsport

    Renault R.S.19 livery for Renault RS.01 1.0

    Livery of Renault RS.19 adapted for Renault RS.01. Helmets, suits and gloves are done. Got the idea from @Hoksu Mods go check them out, link below: https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/mercedes-w10-livery-for-mercedes-amg-gt3.25337/...
  9. ItzzAdr14n

    Renault RS19 1.0

    Hello Everyone! This is my first ever mod. Considering no one ever mods F1 2015 anymore I thought I'd have a crack. Here's the Renault. Replaces Lotus on the stock chassis. Ricciardo's 3 and Hulkenberg's 27 are both included. There is mirroring with the Mapfre, Castrol Edge and Bell&Ross logos...
  10. Eli4Three

    Fantasy 2019 Renault 1.0

    EGO ERP Archiver *ONLY* FANTASY 2019 Renault A 2019 Fantasy Renault Sport Racing Livery. It's like the 2019 Renault livery, but with some other colours and sponsors. I hope you'll like it ;) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Notice: It's one of my...
  11. ConectiON

    Daniel Ricciardo 2019 Renault Helmet 3.3

    This mod is inspired by: JA Design This mod is basically fictional helmet of Daniel Ricciardo for next season with Renault. Design is inspired by JA Design so make sure to check out his other work on his Instagram ! https://www.instagram.com/ja.helmetdesign/...
  12. xTiKzF1


    ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- You can follow me on INSTA, I always post my new designs! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hello! This is one of my custom liveries that I make on F1...
  13. TheSevi

    Daniel Ricciardo Renault Mod 1.0

    Hi! You must go to "Daniel Ricciardo & Carlos Sainz Mod" folder, and copy all folders into your F1 2017 directory. Helmet original: https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/daniel-ricciardo-2018-helmet.19634/ Before, check if you have installed F1 2018 Mod by Kris. Link to the mod...
  14. josap11

    Red Bull to switch to Honda for next season

    Well, in all reality this was to be expected with the way the Renault relation has broken down and Honda having improved a lot over the last two seasons. Formula 1 on Instagram and motorsport.com are reporting that Red Bull has made the decision to switch to Honda for next season.
  15. Drakhein

    Ricciardo ferrari helmet 2018-04-28

    This is my first helmet on racedepartment, have fun ^^