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rhythm game

  1. Thescarfhusky

    Chain of Gravity 1.0

    NEEDS DREAM PACK 1 DLC TO WORK! This is a little side project I did. I decided to recreate the blue race car from a song from the rhythm game DJ MAX. The song is called: "Chain Of Gravity" by Tsukasa. EPILEPSY WARINING FOR THE VIDEO! NOTE: Anything that wasn't visible in the video of the...
  2. Thescarfhusky

    Dance Rush Stardom Supra 1.0

    Needs the Japan DLC to work! This is also a fan made car. Jello, and welcome to my car skin based off one of Konami's newer rhythm games: Dance Rush Stardom! Monkeyfan250 wanted me to make a skin for the Toyota Supra. So, I did and this is how it came out. (The Japanese text on the side...
  3. Thescarfhusky

    Black Lotus Lamborghini Performante 1.0

    Jello! Good news! This car skin uses a vanilla AC model! The Lamborghini Performante to be exact. Here's the song that this car is themed to this song (WARNING: FLASHING LIGHTS AND COLORS) Black Lotus by Wa. About the car: I honestly was going to make the Black Lotus livery for the Lotus...
  4. Thescarfhusky

    Clear Blue Sky 1.0

    Open your eyes Open up the clear blue sky. Themed and inspired by the song from the rhythm game DJ MAX. This wasn't an easy skin to make. Took me three times to get this skin right. Thanks to the help of a person in the Touge Union discord server, I finally learned how to find everything for...