1. Whills

    rFactor Default Track Loading Screen Templates 1.0

    rFactor Track Artwork Templates optimized and updated by Whills. Templates for making default style track artworks for rFactor. IMPORTANT: Please install the font first. Original templates made by mcoak & Taku. Autosim Circuit Layout Generator 1.33 by Alex Zhdankin. Whills Oct. 2020
  2. haasje33

    FIA WEC & Le Mans Number Plates 1.0

    This is my Photoshop template for number plates for the FIA World Endurance Championship and the 24 Hours of Le Mans. These number plates are optimized for use with the skin templates for Studio 397's LMP2 and GTE cars. Required font: Helvetica Neue Condensed Bold
  3. hal4000

    US/Canada License Plates + PSD Templates 0.97

    Here's a small collection of 1990's US and Canadian license plates I made. They are ready-to -use for the NFS cars made by @A3DR, @aphidgod and @Some1.
  4. A3DR

    Miker F Junior 1960 4k templates 2D + 3D 2017-11-04

    This file includes 2D template in PSD (AO + wires) 3D layer PSD file B&W masks used for the creation of the original skins Get the car here:
  5. mysterion157

    Mclaren Career Helmet - Flames (PSD Included) 1.0

    I don't think it's super special but this is my helmet for career mode. PSD is included so you can edit it how you want it. Follow the tutorial to install: Numbers are included in template but are NOT on the dds file provided Thanks to: Krisdix - Base helmet template & tutorial Laksu -...
  6. RealAKP

    Skin PSD Template for BMW E36 320 JUDD by Eboo 2017-06-10

    Photoshop PSD Template with wireframe and AO for BMW E36 320 JUDD V8 Georg Plasa 1.0 by Eboo
  7. Andrew Harper

    Formula 3 Racesuit Photoshop Template v1.0

    Hi, This is not perfect but as it was something I made up for the F3 cars on AMS I thought it would be nice to share! :) This is a PSD F3 Driver template I did from scratch using the original DDS file as reference. The creases and shading are drawn in by hand and by using multiply and lighten...
  8. Meff28s

    1990's cars - 3D Models .PSD & .3DS 1.1

    Finally we get them ! For Photshop (3D) and 3D max, Blender, Keyshot or other 3D softwares. Go paint them ;)