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  1. madmax_2a

    Daswhip_BMW M3 E30-"Rothmans Motul"-Tour de Corse 1987-B-Béguin-JJ Lenne V1

  2. maranello78

    Ginetta GT4 Prodrive 1.0

  3. J


    Marc Duez and Georges Biar finished 6th at "Tour de Corse" 1987. This skin is for Kunos BMW M3 GRA. Little issue : I can't fix a problem with glass banner... it is too dark.... sorry... Here seven cars from "Tour de Corse 87" Rothmans BMW M3 is not build by me.
  4. Max Attack

    BMW e30 Prodrive Livery - Tour De Corse 1987 - Marc Duez 2019-03-22

    BMW Belgium made an entry for Marc Duez and Georges Biar in 1987 on the same event as it's winning sister car, The Rothmans M3 Event: 1987 Tour De Corse Driver: Marc Duez Co-Driver: Georges Biar Class: Group A Result: 6th o/a, 15 minutes behind the winning Rothmans car
  5. S

    ALMS - 2003 Prodrive Ferrari 550 GTS - RSS Ferruccio 55 2019-02-13

    Another ALMS GTS entry to fill your grid with :). Includes the #80 and #08 entries.
  6. nsss

    RSS GT Ferrucio 55 - Prodrive #65 24h Le Mans '04 v1.0

    Livery for RSS GT Ferrucio 55 Prodrive Racing #65 - 24h Le Mans 2004 2k and 4k :) If you find some mistakes let me know.:) Some preview images have wrong tires, I found that out after taking screenshots. Correct tires can be seen on first image.