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  1. pclipse

    pclipse Color Graded PP Filters 3.0

    **From version 2.6 and up please use Sol 2.0. If using earlier version of Sol continue using my filter v2.5 or less** **Version 3.0 introduces PC_trawa and PC_Noire_trawa mainly to be used with Trawa's Weather Implementation** USE THIS DISCORD CHANNEL TO GET TRAWA'S WEATHER IMPLEMENTATION...
  2. General_Failure

    AMS Natural Light [Real Life Colors] 1.0 Final

    A7 Natural Light PP Filter (version v1.0 Final) AMS graphics engine is pretty old, but it's still capable to give some fight! I recomend to use this mod especially with vanilla tracks (they are more or less well balanced). Also I suggest to set the start time of the race to TRACK DEFAULT. MOD...